Be it resolved …

Now is the time when we’re all making (or breaking) our food resolutions for the new year. I asked Marlene Goetzeler, co-owner of Freeport Bakery with her husband, Walter, what foods she never can resist—even when she wants to:

1. Milk chocolate. “Milka, from Germany—usually Morant’s on Franklin Boulevard has them, but they have to be the plain ones. They can’t have any cream or hazelnut, just the milk chocolate. My family from Germany brings them when they come to visit, but they have to dole them out to me. I’m not a chips person or a salty person—more of a sweet person, which is so appropriate, isn’t it?”

2. Sushi. “It’s pretty hard for me to say no. Zen Toro in Davis—oh my gosh, sometimes I lie in bed and think about it. [My favorite item] is the first one on their menu, and I can’t remember the name of it.”