What’s new

It’s always fun to make new discoveries in the kitchen. I asked Randall Selland, chef-owner of The Kitchen Restaurant, what new ingredients he’s been playing with lately. Though he said he’s more driven by new techniques and textures than by the latest hot ingredients, he soon named several items he’s been using.

1. “Goat butter—you can make a sauce with the same taste as with regular butter, but it’s OK for people who are lactose intolerant. We’ve also moved to all organic dairy products. The organic has a lot more cream flavor.”

2. “We just did ducks that are only grown in New York, the Long Island duck. They’re a cross of the Moulard and Peking ducks. It’s an interesting bird—the meat is not as tough as a Moulard, and it’s heftier than Muscovy.”

3. “We’ve been playing with fish roes—trout, sea trout, salmon. I try to turn people on to new things. They might look and say, ‘I’d put that on a hook, not eat it,’ but then they eat it and say, ‘Wow.’ ”