Holiday recycling

Are you staring down a big turkey carcass and a fridge of leftovers? Me too. I asked Bobby Cherrington, director of catering and marketing at Culinary Specialists and Mulvaney’s Building and Loan, what she does with Thanksgiving extras:

“I start my ‘Leftover Recycling’ prior to the big day. When making pies, I use scraps of pie dough to fill tartlet pans and fill them with what I’m making, then freeze. I pull them out through the holidays for parties.

“When I have young children around, I buy premade pie shells. After dinner, I have them each make a ‘bird pie,’ using leftover mashed potatoes, carrots, peas, and turkey (I have premade gravy packets in case there’s not enough from dinner). Then, I have them make bird legs with black pipe cleaners, cutting one in half and bending it like a “V,” then tipping the ends in yellow paint for ‘toes,’ connecting them to ‘legs,’ and placing them upside-down on the top crust. They take their bird pie home to freeze and cook later (taking out the pie cleaners before baking).”