What’s for dinner?

Are you loyal to one dish at your favorite restaurants, or do you order depending on your whim that night? I asked Ettore Ravazzolo, owner of the eponymous group of restaurant-bakeries, what dishes he likes to order when he goes out to dinner.

1. “It really depends on my mood. One of my favorite restaurants is Silva’s Sheldon Inn. The veal is outstanding, and their mussels and clams are outstanding—I don’t get that anywhere else. The veal is one of the best, like dishes I remember from Europe.”

2. “I like Thai restaurants, but I don’t have a set food that I say, ‘Oh I’m going to eat that’—I change a lot. With Thai food I like everything, but not too spicy. I like the coconut curry dishes.”

3. “I like to go to different Japanese restaurants. I’m not too crazy a sushi eater. I eat tempura and other dishes, the stuff that is cooked—crab and deep-fried shrimp. I’m not too much into raw fish.”