Virtual food

Local foodie Melody Elliott-Koontz recently launched a discussion Web site for similarly inclined Sacramentans, at The site’s goal, she says, is “to encourage lively, ongoing discussions and information about all things food in the Sacramento area.” I asked Elliott-Koontz about her inspiration and her other favorite online food resources:

“I was inspired by the Portland community site, I was planning a trip to Portland and wanted to dine at Simpatica [which only takes reservations for eight or more]. I was able to post and get enough replies [dining companions] to make a reservation! I found myself wishing Sacramento had a site like that … you know, where locals could go to post about local restaurants, grocers, charity events, farmers’ markets, food movements, etc.

“I was encouraged by Nick of, who started the Portland site, and by Marlena Spieler ( I also was inspired by and—sites I visit often. I also hit for recipe ideas.”