Come-as-you-are spots

Looking for a good place for a low-key meal? I asked Zac England of Dad’s Sandwich Shop about his top-three casual restaurants around town:

1. “I love eating breakfast over at the Sub Shack
with [owner] Gary [Sleppy] and those guys—they do a fantastic job. They reopened for breakfast on the 2nd, and they’ve completely redone their kitchen.

2. I always like to head over to Tapa the World
. I’ve spent a lot of time drinking wine with [co-owner] Paul [Ringstrom] and those guys.

3. And last but not least, I’d have to go to Zen Sushi
—Lou, the sushi chef, has never let me look at a menu in my life. That’s the best seat in the house, to sit in front of that guy. He knows how to feed somebody.