Fresh fruits

Does your fruit bowl need a little boost? I asked Chris Frisk, assistant produce manager at the West Sacramento Nugget Market, for his recommendation for three underappreciated kinds of fruit. Try these, he says; you’ll probably like them:

1. “Hawaiian papayas. They’re very sweet, with a tropical taste, as compared to the Mexican papayas, which are what people normally taste when they eat papaya.”

2. “I’d also say mangos, which are probably one of my favorites. They’re the most popular fruit in the world besides bananas, but here a lot of people don’t try them, maybe because they’re so tropical. Right now, they’re coming from Peru. If people gave them a chance they’d find they’re really good.”

3. “Other types of apples besides the most common varieties. Everybody buys Fuji and Gala, but there are tons of other apples. We carry probably a dozen varieties. Three that are great are Jazz, Honeycrisp, and Ambrosia—that one is great for both baking and eating out of hand.”