In a jam?

If you’re like me, you probably have a fridge full of preserves, but you can only eat so much toast. I asked Tressa Cooper, of area producer Earth & Vine Provisions, for some fresh uses for jam:

1. “Use as a glaze on meats.” Cooper suggests Earth & Vine’s red bell pepper and ancho-chili jam on grilled salmon, chicken, or pork, or as a relish with lamb; the spicy apple-garlic jam on baked pork or chicken; or the apricot-pineapple-tangerine jam on pork.

2. “All of our berry jams are great to add to yogurt and granola. Use the Banana Rum Pineapple Jam to blend into yogurt for a smoothie.”

3. “Pour our Roma tomato and chili melange over cream cheese or brie, or use it as a pizza sauce. Spicy apple-garlic jam is great served over blue cheese.” Or, put a dessert spin on the classic appetizer combo: “Papaya-orange habanero preserve can be used over cream cheese and drizzled with dark chocolate. Serve with butter cookies.”