New in town?

Andru Moshe, proprietor of Regionale Produce at Quarry Pond, returned to Sacramento after a year’s absence in the Bay Area to open her local produce market. I asked her what changes she’s been seeing in the local food scene since her return:

“It appears to me that there are more creative restaurants and bars opening—like 58 [Degrees & Holding Co.], L [The Wine Lounge and Urban Kitchen], and the Grand. There are lots of new food ventures opening up, especially in Midtown, and to me that’s a sign that the food culture has grown, there’s more of a demand and people are willing to take risks. It makes me really happy to be able to go out to 58 Degrees and get some really nice appetizers and a glass of wine. The concept is not so new, but … it’s taken so long for these places to start popping up.

“I’m also seeing that the restaurants are starting to branch out and use local, seasonal—there’s a restaurant opening here called Hawks, with a husband and wife team from San Francisco, and they’ve gone out to local farms and visited. … I like seeing new ventures, including this one [Quarry Pond]—that’s why I came out here.”