Cool sips

Hot weather means it’s time for cool wines. I asked Vickie Allen of the recently opened Discover California Wine Bar and Tasting Room in Old Sacramento—the wine bar, which pours only California wine, is less than two months old, but Discover California’s retail operation has been going strong for 15 years—what she likes to pour when the season heats up:

1. “On a hot day, I would pick Dry Creek 2004 Fumé Blanc—it’s a nice summery wine to serve chilled, with a crisp, citrusy flavor.”

2. “Revolution Wines’ Pinot Grigio is crisp, with a melon and honeysuckle nose—a nice light white wine. This one is a Clarksburg wine, so it’s really local, and Revolution Wines is opening up here in Sacramento.”

3. “If I were going for something sweet, I’d choose Lava Cap Muscat Canelli—they’re up in El Dorado County. We specialize in really local wines. The muscat is fruity; they call it semisweet, but I would say it’s sweet, a nice dessert wine.”