Beer for chilling

It’s hot. Under the circumstances, the best response is to sit on a shady porch with a cold beer, so I asked Mike Smith, the manager at the Bonn Lair pub, for his best warm-weather sipping recommendations.

1. “For the first one, my favorite is called Czechvar. What it is is a Czech lager, and it’s the original Budweiser—Anheuser-Busch got their recipe from them. That’s my personal favorite for a light beer.”

2. “Another that’s one of the more popular ones at the pub is Hoegaarden. It’s the original Belgian white, and it’s kind of like a Hefeweizen with a little bit more of a citrusy aftertaste to it.”

3. “One that we don’t carry at the pub, but it’s one of my favorite American beers, is the Boont Amber [Ale]. It’s an in-between beer—it doesn’t have a really heavy body and heavy roasted flavor, but it’s got a lot of flavor. And it’s a good medium-bodied beer to drink on a summer night.”