I scream

Looking for a cool treat? You’re not alone. I asked Craig Rutledge, one of the family members at family-owned Vic’s Ice Cream—celebrating its 60th anniversary this year—what’s hot this summer at the ice-cream parlor:

1. “At this time of year the evenings are the time people come out, especially families. We sell a lot of sundaes and banana splits then. Because of the heat, we sell more sherbet freezes and lighter things, too.”

2. “Obviously, we sell more vanilla than anything, because we use that in sundaes and things, but the most popular flavor we sell is mint chip. It outsells cookies and cream, cookie dough or any of the other new flavors.”

3. “This time of year, we sell a lot more fresh peach, fresh banana and other fresh-fruit ice creams. In winter, we sell more of the chocolates—the heavier flavors. We get a cream base from Crystal, and we add what we want to add to it, like peaches. We make a fresh boysenberry sherbet. For the banana, we just peel bananas and mash ’em up and put ’em in.”