A seafood diet

Has the shift from summer to fall left you looking for new inspiration? I asked Todd Hartshorn, who works the seafood counter at Whole Foods for his favorite autumnal ideas for cooking fish and shellfish:

1. We have a lot of prepared seafood items that are great, like this halibut with parmesan ready to pop in the oven, and these stuffed portobellos with a crab and shrimp stuffing—the same we make our crab cakes with. [The] shrimp here are really good with [our] seasoned butters—scampi butter or chipotle butters. I sampled them the other day and it was awesome. Everyone who tried them bought them.

2. Halibut steaks with a mandarin orange marinade from [local purveyor] Snow’s Citrus Court that goes awesome with the halibut—it’s delicious.

3. Ahi, seared with sesame and ginger seasoning—that’s really, really good, we have sushi-grade ahi and you can do it medium-rare.

4. Bacon-wrapped scallops is another good one. I could go on forever …