Danny Offer

“You may have seen him walking down the street and wondered, ‘Who’s the weirdo with the giant headphones?’” said Danny Offer, regarding himself. But the local songwriter (of the Danny Offer Sensitive Solo Project) insists he’s not that weird. “I just really like to have my music loud,” he explained. “I wouldn’t risk looking this dumb for anything but having my music sound its best.” Catch Mr. Offer when he performs at the Fox & Goose this Friday. Here are five songs said weirdo could stand listening to for the rest of his life:

1. “Razorblade”
by the Strokes (from First Impressions of Earth)

2. “Yeah”
by LCD Soundsystem (from LCD Soundsystem )

3. “Sweet Life”
by !!! (from Myth Takes)

4. “Hang On To Yourself”
by David Bowie (from The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust)

5. “Think Too Much”
by Paul Simon (from Hearts and Bones)