Melody Claussen-Furry

It’s likely you’ve never heard of the Sacramento Craft Mafia, but that’s about to change. The group consists of craft-related business owners “who have united to encourage, support and promote each other.” The group’s secretary, Melody Claussen-Furry, provided SN&R with this week’s Playlist and these words: “If there is a theme, it’s creating. The songs picked relate to the theme in its many assemblages. Whether it’s creating a piece of art, a memory, an illusion, an identity or a safe place.” Visit for more information.

1. “Pocket Knife”
by PJ Harvey (from Uh Huh Her)

2. “Gingerbread Coffin”
by Rasputina (from Cabin Fever)

3. “The Hardest Button to Button”
by the White Stripes (from Elephant)

4. “A Girl’s Toolbox”
by Tattle Tale (from Sew True)

5. “#1 Must Have”
by Sleater-Kinney (from All Hands on the Bad One)