Mario Solis

In an effort to give you SN&R readers more punk rock than you can shake a stick at, we present yet another Playlist by a local punk musician. This week, guitarist Mario Solis of White Dots steps up to the plate. The self-described “music geek” also runs an independent record label called Plastic Idol, which primarily releases vinyl 7-inches. Tonight, Thursday night, the White Dots join Puke and Spit, and the Trash Musical at the Distillery. Tickets are $5.

1. “Napalm Hop/Slam Dance”
by the Ejectors (from Hydrohead)

2. “Eternally Is Here”
by the Gun Club (from The Las Vegas Story)

3. “This Is Rock ’n’ Roll”
by the Kids (from S/T)

4. “Goddamn Bottle”
by the Lazy Cowgirls (from Tapping The Source)

5. “Schoolboy”
by Scared of Chaka (from Tired of You)