Jeremy Unruh

Before heading down to Hollywood to record a new album, Jeremy Unruh of the local alt-rock band Without Tomorrow took the time to compile a Playlist. On February 23, the band will perform at the Taste of Chaos concert at Arco Arena, opening for the Used and other like-minded rockers. Without Tomorrow nabbed the opening slot after a battle-of-the-bands contest, in which the winner was determined by devoted fans.

1. “From Yesterday”
by 30 Seconds to Mars (from A Beautiful Lie)

2. “Face Down”
by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (from Don’t You Fake It)

3. “Numb”
by Linkin Park (from Meteora)

4. “Miss Murder”
by AFI (from Decemberunderground)

5. “Music Box”
by Thrice (from Vheissu)