Heather Klinger

Heather Klinger knows a lot about the local music scene. She’s a deejay at KDVS, the founder of Out of Order Records and the person at the helm of Undietacos (www.undietacos.sexyprison.com), a site devoted to promoting the underground-music scene in Davis and Sacramento. If her Playlist includes something you’ve never heard of, we suggest you run out and get yourself educated.

1. “Honda”
by Tyvek (from “Mary Ellen Claims” / “Honda” 7”)

2. “Not a Problem”
by the Black Lips (from Let it Bloom)

3. “Beautiful World”
by Devo (from New Traditionalists)

4. “Shattered (You Left Me)”
by the Exploding Hearts (from Shattered)

5. “I Heard it Through the Grapevine”
by Tuxedomoon (from Pinheads on the Move)