Carmichael Dave

Tune in to Sports 1140 KHTK Monday through Friday from 9 p.m. to midnight and you’ll hear Carmichael Dave dishing on the latest sports-related news. This local radio host has shot the shit with the likes of Bobby Southworth and B.J. Penn, ultimate fighters both, as well as ex-Kings power forward Chris Webber, who opened his restaurant, Center Court with C-Webb, last month. Log on to Dave’s Web site,, for more details.

1. “Shine On”
by Jet (from Shine On)

2. “White & Nerdy”
by Weird Al Yankovic (from Straight Outta Lynwood)

3. “Supermassive Black Hole”
by Muse (from Black Holes and Revelations)

4. “Don’t Disturb This Groove”
by the System (from Don’t Disturb This Groove)

5. “Call Me When You’re Sober”
by Evanescence (from The Open Door)