Scott Hansen

Graphic artist, songwriter and producer Scott Hansen (a.k.a. Tycho) may have left Sacramento for the Bay Area, but we still like to claim him as one of our own. Lucky for us, Hansen still has feelings for our fair city, which is why he compiled a Playlist. “The theme would be ‘songs I can’t get out of my head right now,’ ” Hansen explained. Visit for examples of Hansen’s work.

1. “Man of Constant Sorrow”
by Bob Dylan (from No Direction Home: The Soundtrack)

2. “Gone for Good”
by the Shins (from Chutes Too Narrow)

3. “Mornington Crescent”
by Belle & Sebastian (from The Life Pursuit)

4. “Young Folks”
by Peter Bjorn and John (from Writer’s Block)

5. “Glintz”
by Outputmessage (from Nebulae)