Ron Artest

Ron Artest’s debut album, My World, dropped October 31, one day before the Kings’ opening game of the NBA season. Not only did SN&R score an interview with the forward-guard (“Hater, player,” SN&R Music, October 26), we also got Artest to submit a Playlist. Included on his list was Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”—not quite what you’d expect from someone who took part in Pandemonium at the Palace.

1. “Thank You”
by Dido (from No Angel)

2. “Shook Ones Pt. II”
by Mobb Deep (from The Infamous)

3. “Love”
by Keyshia Cole (from The Way It Is)

4. “My Heart Will Go On”
by Celine Dion (from Titanic: Music from the Motion Picture)

5. “We Will Rock You”
by Queen (from News of the World)