Matt Sertich

The Generals may be a fairly new band—they played their first show back in September—but the emotionally charged, synth-heavy trio features local music veterans Matt Sertich and Kirk Janowiak from Pocket Change and Zero to Heaven. First envisioned as a studio band, Sertich and Janowiak spent several months writing and recording songs before enlisting the help of bassist Blane Barker and making the leap to the stage. Check for upcoming shows. In the meantime, enjoy Sertich’s Playlist.

1. “Bedshaped”
by Keane (from Hopes And Fears)

2. “Eleanor Rigby”
by the Beatles (from Revolver)

3. “For Reasons Unknown”
by the Killers (from Sam’s Town)

4. “Hell Yeah”
by Neil Diamond (from 12 Songs)

5. “New Slang”
by the Shins (from Garden State soundtrack)