Evan Ferro

Evan Ferro of Bright Light Fever may have compiled this week’s Playlist, but his brother Matt spoke to SN&R on Evan’s behalf. “These are all albums that Evan has been listening to a lot these days, and [he] just picked his fave track from each record,” Matt explained. The band’s debut album, Bright Light Fever Presents The Evening Owl, hits stores later this month. Catch them live, along with the Black Summer Crush and Saucer at Old Ironsides on Friday, November 3.

1. “Windsurfer”
by Roy Orbison (from Mystery Girl)

2. “We Ride Skeletal Lightning”
by the Blood Brothers (from Young Machetes)

3. “Wasted State of Mind”
by …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead (from So Divided)

4. “Life and Limb”
by Fugazi (from The Argument)

5. “The Burnout”
by Gosling (from Here Is…)