Elizabeth Donner

“Well, the funny thing is these songs aren’t really my selections,” confessed Elizabeth Donner, founder of Fools Foundation, a local art gallery/music space located in the basement at 1025 19th Street. “Since my computer broke, and I lost all my music, I have no choice really, except to hear [hubby] Eason’s music and the music that comes through Fools Foundation.” This Tuesday, Frienemies and Iguanadon make their way to Fools. Visit www.myspace.com/foolsfoundation for more details.

1. “Fire”
by KoKo Taylor (from KoKo Taylor)

2. “Voices Inside (Everything is Everything)”
by Donny Hathaway (from Everything is Everything)

3. “New Ghosts”
by Albert Ayler (from New Grass)

4. “Dawn”
by Slapp Happy (from Acnalbasac Noom)

5. “Fucking Child”
by Stunt Rock (from Fuck Canada/Fuck America; a split album with Venetian Snares)