Clay Nutting

As the West Coast regional director of Concerts4Charity, Nutting organizes concerts to raise awareness for charitable organizations. His next show, slated for August 18 at Marilyn’s, features performances by Chelsea Wolfe, Deluxe and Spider Silk Dress. Nutting compiled this week’s Playlist, explaining, “I used to be a chronic shuffler. But when you shuffle you don’t get the complete work of the artist. The songs that I selected come from albums that I consider to be perfect.”

1. “333”
by The Velvet Teen (from Cum Laude)

2. “Jesus, Etc.”
by Wilco (from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot)

3. “Decatur, Or, Round of Applause for Your Stepmother!”
by Sufjan Stevens (from Illinois)

4. “Cause = Time”
by Broken Social Scene (from You Forgot It in People)

5. “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)”
by Arcade Fire (from Funeral)