Jason Malmberg

“Yep, I admit it. I love Steely Dan. Fuck the haters. I’m going to see them play live, too, and I care not who knows it,” boasted Malmberg. The award-winning local graphic designer has created concert posters for national acts like the Roots, the Crystal Method and Blonde Redhead, as well as local bands such as Junobot and Gayiel Von. Perhaps he’ll get the chance to make a poster for Donald Fagen and gang.

1. “Sick 2 Def”
by Plan B (from Who Needs Actions When You Got Words)

2. “News and Tributes”
by the Futureheads (from News and Tributes)

3. “Only You”
by Uneaq (Only You)

4. “The Eraser”
by Thom Yorke (from The Eraser)

5. “Doctor Wu”
by Steely Dan (from Katy Lied)