Chris Loental

Chris Loental of the Evening Episode is a pinch hitter—praise the Lord! Originally, I asked a member of another local band (whose name I won’t divulge) to compile a Playlist for SN&R. He said yes, but as the deadline approached, my e-mails went unreturned. Enter Loental. One desperate plea later, I had my list. You can bet your ass that I’ll be front and center when the Evening Episode plays at the Press Club this Tuesday.

1. “Kreative Kontrol”
by Hot Snakes (from Audit in Progress)

2. “Try Me Out”
by Kaito (from Band Red)

3. Bluesette
by Curtis Fuller’s Quintet (Loental refused to pick just one song from this “masterpiece”)

4. “Teen Angst”
by M83 (from Before the Dawn Heals Us)

5. “KC Accidental”
by Broken Social Scene (from You Forgot it in People)