As host of On Demand, which airs weekdays at 5:05 p.m. on KWOD 106.5, Rubin helps Sacramentans satiate their musical cravings by playing three-song sets submitted by listeners. Rubin jumped at the chance to share five songs he can’t seem to get enough of. “These are songs that, when I hear them, I want to hear them again as soon as they end,” he explained. “I really like the Track Fighter song.”

1. “Starlight”
by Muse (from Black Holes and Revelations)

2. “Another Memory”
by Track Fighter (new song available at

3. “Number 1”
by Goldfrapp (from Number 1)

4. “In The Waiting Line”
by Zero 7 (from Garden State soundtrack)

5. “The Pot”
by Tool (from 10,000 Days)