Max Cannon

Most SN&R readers are familiar with Red Meat, Max Cannon’s sadistic comic strip featuring a cast of twisted characters (see for a sample). When invited to compile a Playlist, the cartoonist humbly replied, “Thanks for asking me about my musical listening habits—nobody ever asks a cartoonist these days.” If you’re looking for a unique holiday gift, we suggest Red Meat Gold, the latest collection of Cannon’s award-winning comic strip.

1. “Desafinado”
by Antonio Carlos Jobim (from Antonio Carlos Jobim’s Finest Hour)

2. “All Systems Red”
by Calexico (from Garden Ruin)

3. “The Party”
by the Wondermints (from Shots in the Dark)

4. “The Man Comes Around”
by Johnny Cash (from American IV: The Man Comes Around)

5. “The Cat (from Joy House)”
by Jimmy Smith (from The Cat)