Jimmy Calanchini

Don’t recognize any of the band’s from this week’s Playlist? Chances are you’re not the only SN&R reader at a loss. Jimmy Calanchini, bassist for local punk outfit the Whiskey Rebels (and occasional SN&R contributor), compiled the list from his under-the-radar favorites, including Northern California punks Monster Squad. “I’m too old to get wild in the pit every time I see a band play live. But whenever I’m at a Monster Squad show, I pretty much lose my mind,” confessed Calanchini.

1. “Beginning of the End”
by Tragedy (from Vengeance)

2. “No Destiny “
by Monster Squad (from Strength Through Pain)

3. “Megalomania”
by the Blood (from False Gestures for a Devious Public)

4. “No Compromise”
by Krum Bums (from The Sound)

5. “Powerlord”
by Disfear (from Misanthropic Generation)