After his amicable departure from the local alternative outfit Phrenik in 2004, dB (a.k.a. Dennis Bodine) went on to create solo music that is, as he puts it, “all over the map stylistically.” For that reason, it isn’t likely he’ll be performing live in the near future. You can, however, visit his MySpace page at www.myspace.com/plasticdboband to get a taste of what he’s been working on. For his Playlist, dB selected songs to reflect his various moods: angry, happy, nostalgic, hyper and horny, respectively.

1. “Eyeless”
by Slipknot (from Slipknot)

2. “Turn it On”
by the Flaming Lips (from Transmissions from the Satellite Heart)

3. “Cuts You Up”
by Peter Murphy (from Deep)

4. “Simpleton”
by Quicksand (from Manic Compression)

5. “It Could Be Sweet”
by Portishead (from Dummy)