Cookie butter monster

What is the point of cookie butter? To slather a piece of bread with the nut-butter-like spread means it's a cookie sandwich, which seems weird, but that's one way Europeans have been using it. Cookie butter is originally from Europe and called Speculoos there—the Lotus brand renamed its Biscoff for the American market, allegedly anticipating pronunciation problems. It’s made of speculoos, a spiced cookie traditionally eaten around Christmastime. Then someone decided to make things unnecessarily decadent by creaming the sons-of-a-baker. Honestly, though, it’s delicious. And they usually get the vegan hall pass, including Biscoff and Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter. Cookie monsters can make the stuff at home pretty easily with any hard cookie, like ginger snaps. Follow the more traditional recipe at or the one at, which actually doesn’t contain cookies, but cashews instead for a whole-food facsimile. The stuff is good enough to eat straight out of the jar.