Meat cancer and cheese addiction

Illustration by Hayley Doshay

“WHO links processed meat to cancer—and vegetarians get smug on Twitter.” Interesting headline, CNN, but if the World Health Organization just determined a major part of many people's diet contributes to getting a serious disease, your angle is to take a potshot at vegetarians for their lifestyle decisions being validated? Check out the WHO's Q&A on its findings at, but the gist is processed meats—anything preserved—and red meat contain carcinogens. Yikes. So everyone's favorite meat-topped pizza falls into that category, too, but in a recent food-addiction study reported on by the Los Angeles Times, pizza was found to be the most addictive: “The more processed and fatty the food, the more it was associated with addictive eating behaviors.” And this one is for the “smug vegetarians”: because cheese contains casein (a protein), it releases casomorphins, an opiate. Yeah, like morphine. And now all that's left are smug vegans.