Stuffing pillows in your face hole

Illustration by hayley doshay

Every day across America and beyond there seems to be another kitchen or laboratory trying to recreate a sweet or savory favorite so you can slap a “no animals were harmed during the eating of this guilty pleasure” bumper sticker on your ass—right next to your farm-to-fork one. But unlike their animal-product-laden counterparts, some plant-based treats are cost prohibitive to binge eat. Take, for example, Sweet & Sara's vegan marshmallow treats. The New York-based family-run company makes Instagram-ready pillows of sweetness, but at around five bucks for 6 ounces, that's definitely different than Kraft's gelatin ones at two bucks for 16 ounces. Sweet & Sara's marshmallows, s’mores and crispy rice treats are all handcrafted and made to be savored, not crammed into your face hole. The company currently offers discounted bags of the Madagascar vanilla and toasted coconut marshmallows at $16.50 for 2 pounds. Hot-chocolate weather is right around the corner.