Run for the vegetarian-friendly border

Illustration by serene lusano

Taco Bell has thrown its sombrero into the vegetarian and vegan ring. The fast-food chain just announced a vegetarian menu with 13 items certified by the American Vegetarian Association, including its 7-Layer Burrito. The quick-service restaurant also says in a press release that 26 of the 35 AVA certified ingredients are also vegan, and customers may substitute beans for meat “create one of millions of different possible veggie-friendly combinations.” The company is also aiming to phase out unsustainably produced palm oil by the end of this year. That's great that consumers are convincing behemoth chains like the Bell that there is money to be made in healthier and more responsible options. After all, they see how successful Chipotle has been with vegetarian inclusivity. But, listen, Taco Bell, we haven't forgotten that you brought the waffle taco and taco with a Doritos shell, among other gastronomic atrocities, into existence. Never forget. But, hey, good stepping in the right direction!