Author Lani Muelrath offers a plant-based antidote to frumping

Illustration by HAYLEY DOSHAY

Lani Muelrath has a lot of questions: “Are you overweight, tired, frumping to 40 or slouching towards 60?” The 60-something author claims to have the answer through plant-based eating and exercise, and she'll be in Davis promoting this and her new book The Plant-Based Journey on Sunday, September 20, at The Avid Reader (617 Second Street in Davis) at 2 p.m. Muelrath has made a business of offering guidance to people who want to lose weight and gain better health. Get a taste for her style on her website (, which includes before and after photos of Muelrath. Before: overweight and “frumping” in a T-shirt and shorts at age 48; after: lean and svelte in a grape-colored form-fitting dress in a pose that could ostensibly be for the business-casual portion of a natural bodybuilding competition … at age 63. She looks healthy and strong—definitely not slouching. The conclusion? Plants: They do a body good.