Drowning in ice cream and coffee

Illustration by hayley doshay

Is it really counterintuitive to make ice cream that doesn't contain any cow cream? Of course not; it is a deliciously wonderful idea, and the proof is in the affogato. The Italian treat of coffee and ice cream (which means “drowned” in Italian) gets the latter from Maiden Sacramento Ice Cream, the apparent dessert branch of the food tree whose canopy also contains Mother and the forthcoming Empress Tavern. Maiden recently debuted scoops of both its dairy and vegan ice cream submerged in espresso at The Mill's one-year anniversary party. For those who did not make it to the cafe's event earlier this month to let the sweet concoction of cashew butter, banana and peach balanced with the rich coffee luxuriate over their tongue, there's no need to sweat red like a hippo, because as of Friday, August 14, the affogato will officially be on the menu at The Mill (1827 I Street). Enjoy the drowning!