Sophisticated sorbetto suicide

Illustration by hayley doshay

All sorbettos are not created equal—“equal” meaning vegan. The Italian frozen dessert normally consists of the same basic ingredients: fruit, sugar and water. However, some have egg whites in them to give the already creamy treat a fluffier texture, like its dairy-inclusive cousin, gelato. The gelateria Zia's (4364 Town Center Boulevard, Suite 110, in El Dorado Hills) house-made sorbettos all include egg. That's too bad for vegans, but Devine Gelateria & Cafe in Midtown (1221 19th Street) is the remedy to that disappointment. Devine's sorbetto is not only animal-ingredient-free, but the menu changes daily, and the flavor combinations are intriguing. Exhibit A: In the first week of July, its offerings included strawberry ginger, mango orange, champagne-poached pluot, strawberry pomegranate, blueberry lemon and roasted pineapple, among others. If you're cheeky, mix all the flavors for a more sophisticated version of a suicide soda.