I can't believe it's banh mi

As far as food trends go, the banh mi is old news. While its foodie factor has recently waned, the Vietnamese sandwich is still a classic. Like, a pork-filled classic—which doesn't leave much room on the bandwagon for vegans. The menu at Huong Lan Sandwiches (6930 65th Street, Suite 109), however, lists a vegetarian sandwich (No. 13) and one called Vegetarian Choice (No. 16). No. 13 contains egg, so that one's out. But No. 16 comes with the choice of tofu barbecue chicken, beef or pork, and the staff was really helpful in trying to pinpoint animal ingredients in the sandwich and refrained from brushing the bread with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter for my order. I can’t believe I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter still exists, but whatever. For $3.50, the forearm-long sandwich was filled with pickled daikon, carrots, onion, raw jalapeño, cilantro and faux meat tucked into bread toasted like sunshine. Plus, nobody died for this meal, which leaves a good taste in my mouth.