Delicious brownie deception

Illustration by hayley doshay

The most important ingredient in the Minimalist Baker's vegan black bean brownies is deception. Because while they appear and taste as brownies should, disclosing that a can of black beans instead of flour is thae main building block is likely to result in a shot of crazy eyes and furrowed brows directed at you, kind baker. Nonbeliever eaters will psychologically change the chocolate flavor into a bowl of chili before even biting into one, but the truth is, there is no bean taste detectable in these brownies. Using beans for sweets is nothing new: Think of all the gluten-free baked goods that use some kind of bean flour as their base, as well as Japanese red-bean-paste treats (the red-bean-filled mochi covered in sesame seeds at Oto's Marketplace at 4990 Freeport Boulevard are great, although, those do taste a little beany). Find the easy and fast recipe at, and don't spill the beans about the beans.