Brussels sprouts on sushi

Illustration by Priscilla Garcia

Vegan sushi often equates to cucumber, avocado and rice wrapped in nori, but Lou’s Sushi has a designated vegan menu that gets more creative than that. Take, for instance, the Vegan #2 roll, which has tempura green beans inside and crispy, salty halves of Brussels sprouts on top. Lou's, located in the former Una Mas Mexican Grill space at 2801 P Street, is tiny, and there is only one fryer, so that means the tempura vegetables, like the green beans in Vegan #2, are fried in the same oil as the tempura shrimp and eel. Food for thought, as the saying goes. The kitchen offered to swap out the fried items in my roll, so check with the server when ordering. Herbivorous diners will also need to ask for the vegan menu, as it's separate and not incorporated into the regular menu, or scope it out online at