Hans and Franz style

photo illustration by serene lusano

A little protein shake alone isn't going to transform any body into that of a world-class bodybuilder. But Nutiva’s chocolate shake mix is on the shortlist for being one of the more palatable hemp protein shakes. It could ostensibly help pump you up, Hans and Franz style—along with hours' worth of weightlifting. There are actually numerous bodybuilders who are disproving the notion that vegans are protein-deprived weaklings; just look at www.veganbodybuilding.com. Better yet, check out one of the most interesting fellas in the sport, Jim Morris. Although he won the title of Mr. America in 1973 and remains the oldest competitor to have won at the age of 37, you should see what he looks like now. Lifelong Fitness is a short documentary on him at http://tiny.cc/jimmorris, and in it, the 77-year-old and his muscly physique look decades younger. The former fireman and Elton John bodyguard says he became vegetarian at age 50 and vegan at age 65, proving it's never too late to be plant-powered—and powerful.