Can 10 days on a vegan diet make a difference?

Illustration by Jonathan Buck

What would happen if someone on the SAD—standard American diet—ate only plant-based food for 10 days? In that short of a time period, would there be measurable health benefits without one bite of gooey cheese or greasy bacon? The new documentary PlantPure Nation puts some people from a small town in North Carolina in that position. The director, Nelson Campbell, is the son of T. Colin Campbell, author of the 2004 book The China Study, where in his research he found that a plant-based diet can reduce and even reverse chronic health issues and diseases, like obesity and diabetes. The film is written and produced by the same folks behind Forks Over Knives, so it is in the same vein of encouraging Americans to stop eating ourselves to death. A plant-based diet can taste great, as long as no one boils Brussels sprouts to mush. That’s just nasty. If you want to see the film in a theater, you’ve got only one chance: 7 p.m. on Thursday, August 13, at Tower Theatre (2508 Land Park Drive). Tickets are $7-$10.