Eat your feelings

Illustration by Priscilla Garcia

This summer has been hot, muggy and smoky, thanks to the tinderbox state the drought has left the West in. It's been rough—we might as well eat our feelings. And we might as well do it at Cream, the Bay Area ice cream sandwich franchise that is spreading like wildfire all over California (23 sites open or opening soon) and Nevada (two so far). The nearest locations in this neck of the burning woods are in Elk Grove (8469 Elk Grove Boulevard) and Davis (110 F Street). Cream is vegan-friendly, offering a generous scoop of soy ice cream—a smooth, definitely not-vanilla vanilla or a chipper mint chocolate chip—smushed between two vegan cookies—banana chocolate chip, chocolate fudge or oatmeal raisin. Their sweetness will take our collective minds off the forthcoming mudslides on California's thousands of charred acres if the promised heavy rainfall of El Niño comes. Ugh, bummer. Time for another sandwich.