A voice for news

Neda Iranpour


The first thing you notice about CBS13 reporter/weekend weather forecaster Neda Iranpour is her sultry voice. The next things you notice are her intelligence and humor. The multi-award-winning reporter recently snagged her first Emmy for a segment on hot-shot snowboarders who call themselves Tahoe Dangerzone. Iranpour, who was born in SoCal and spent her high-school years in a Dallas suburb, also logged four years at KTVN in Reno, Nev., where she was wildly popular.

What inspired you to go into broadcasting?

I always wanted to do something good for people, so I realized what better way than by telling stories that might inspire change? If I can touch someone’s heart by telling someone’s story, then I’ve done my part. That’s why I love those inspirational pieces about people who overcome any challenges to make a difference.

Why did you leave your job in Reno to travel to Kenya?

I loved every minute of the years I spent anchoring/reporting for KTVN and as a morning radio host on [KWYL] Wild 102.9 [FM], but it was time to see where my career would take me. … During my job search I realized I wanted to actually help a cause, so I joined a nonprofit, Think Kindness, in donating shoes to orphans in Kenya.

I met these bright-eyed, beautiful orphans who run really, really fast! I ran with them every morning and learned of their struggles. Most of them would run marathons in three to four hours with mismatched or no shoes until we showed up with boxes and boxes of donations. It really made me realize some of the small day-to-day stresses we all go through are nothing compared to the true poverty and pain a lot of the world faces.

How old were you when you got your husky Lauren Bacall voice?

I’m glad you noticed! Actually, the raspiness started some time in college [at The University of Texas at Austin], probably from yelling “Hook ’em Horns!” too many times! I kept losing my voice, and the doctor said I got swollen nodules on my voice box from talking and yelling too much. I spent a year after college doing speech therapy to try and heal those nodules, but the rasp will never leave me, and I’m glad my voice was never a career killer. Some viewers actually recognize my voice before they recognize my face.

Tell me about winning an Emmy for your segment “Tahoe Dangerzone.” I laughed watching it again a few minutes ago.

I’m glad it made you laugh, because we were laughing during the entire five-hour shoot! People always wonder why I’m the one who volunteers to go up to Blue Canyon during snowstorms. Well, I love covering any and all weather-related stories. So when I heard about Tahoe Dangerzone, I knew this would be an entertaining piece. Tahoe Dangerzone is a group of pro snowboarders who are as loud and hilarious as some of their outfits. Photographer Mike Lowry and I went up to Boreal to watch them “jib” and pull “loosey goosies.” These guys amazed me with how much they love life. They really appreciate the beauty around them, and they push their body to the limits!

You push your body to the limit also?

I’m training for the [World Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation] National Fitness Competition on October 15, in Canada. So I spend about three hours at Sugar Fyx [Fitness Studio] in Roseville with Team Total Body Advantage. When I’m not working out, I’m preparing enough lean meats and veggies to be able to eat every two hours. I’ve dropped to 14 percent body fat, but have a long way to go.

You were voluptuous when you first started at CBS13, and now you are ripped. What’s wrong with the Marilyn Monroe figure you once had?

That Marilyn Monroe figure looked more like Mickey Mouse at the weather wall, but more importantly, I didn’t like how I felt. No energy, depressed, and I had only one pair of pants that would fit, because I refused to buy any more size-10 clothes. I finally feel an overall sense of confidence and happiness living this fit lifestyle. It’s not about looks for me. It’s about health and making sure my body is taken care of with clean food and challenging workouts.

What was it like going to the biggest party school in the country?

The freedom, friends and nonstop parties in Austin were quite a shock! I probably should’ve studied harder in college and stayed a little more focused, but I sure had a lot of fun going to Texas Longhorn games and following country singers like Robert Earl Keen and Pat Green. I was a business/finance major, but my passion was always in news. That’s when I realized news is what I should be doing for a living. I still like to refer to my Texas years as a burnt orange haze of happiness with the bestest of friends!

You hinted about having a tattoo on-air once. Are you inked?

Yes, I have a Texas Longhorn tattoo. It’s very small and I love it. As for where it is? Not gonna tell. I’ve got to keep some secrets.