Issue: January 20, 2011

Hi everybody,

What a week! Despite most of the editorial staff suffering from the cold

that's going around, we've got a great issue for you. On the cover,

Dennis Myers takes a look back at the admirable career of Northern Nevada

statesman Nevada state Senator Bill Raggio. In our Green section, Kat

Kerlin shines a light on an invisible killer, radon. Brad Bynum has a

conversation with guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani for our Arts & Culture

feature. Sheesh, too much to talk about: environment, commentary, news,

politics, arts, and culture. Feel free to click the links below for an

electronic nibble at the main course, but don't forget to pick a

newsprint copy for exclusive cartoons and columnists. As always, thanks

for reading our paper. If not for you, we'd spend our days looking for

something to read, too.