The Dilemma

Rated 2.0

This is an ugly infidelity comedy that actually plays as more of a serious drama than laugh fest, and director Ron Howard almost pulls it off. Vince Vaughn and Kevin James play business partners and best friends trying to convince Ford Motor Company to make electric muscle cars with the sound of big gas burning engines. When Vaughn’s character spots James’ wife (Winona Ryder) making out with a tattooed stud (Channing Tatum), he has a crisis of conscience on whether he should spill the beans to his pal. Vaughn is asked to stretch out here and show those dramatic chops, and he does well, as do his costars. The problem comes in the final reel, when things get a little too ridiculous and ugly. Too bad, because this could’ve been something worthwhile with a little retooling—getting rid of the whole electric muscle car angle would’ve been a good idea.