Season of the Witch

Rated 1.0

Nicolas Cage looks lost, confused and embarrassed in Dominic Sena’s woozy misfire about a couple of knights escorting a possible witch to what probably isn’t going to be a fair trail. While Cage has turned out a couple of decent films lately (Kick-Ass, The Bad Lieutenant) this represents him in “I don’t care how shitty the movie is, just pay my ass!” mode. He phones in his lines with the enthusiasm of a dead donkey. He does achieve what seemed to be an impossible task in wearing a hairpiece that’s worse than his prior ones. The movie is flat on the eyes, horribly scripted, and often unintentionally funny. There’s a big finale involving some sort of gargoyle looking demon type thing and, I must admit, I almost got into it. Then the monster spoke, and it sounded like an angry Muppet. When the demon spoke, people in the surprisingly full theater I viewed it in laughed hard—this wasn’t the intended effect.