Departure notes



The Nevada Appeal, in a story written by Geoff Dornan, revealed that for the last six months of his term, Gov. Jim Gibbons stopped refunding part of his pay to the state treasury. Gibbons promised to take the same pay cut endured by state workers.

“Gibbons started off pretty consistently making his $366.90 a month payment back to the state, designating it to the Education Gift Fund. He made a total of 11 monthly payments, returning his 4.6 percent of salary to the state, in fiscal year 2010, which ended June 30. In all, he put $4,035.90 from his checks back into the treasury.”

But in July last year—the month after he lost the Republican primary election to Brian Sandoval—Gibbons started keeping his full paycheck.

In another report, in the Las Vegas Sun, David McGrath Schwartz reported that “Gibbons refused to allow the incoming first family to visit the Governor’s Mansion until Jan. 1. Gov. Brian Sandoval, his wife, Kathleen, and their three children moved in Jan. 3.”

Transition director Steve Robinson credited Gibbons with a very smooth transition in policy terms, with Gibbons deferring to the incoming governor on writing the budget and ordering department heads to cooperate with Sandoval. So Robinson was taken by surprise at Gibbons barring the Sandovals from the mansion after the election, calling it “small minded.”