Issue: May 09, 2019

Morning, readers,

So, how is Chico doing since the Camp Fire? Not great, it turns out. While we don't wish to diminish the plight of those directly affected by the deadly disaster, six months after the fact, we felt it was appropriate to check in on the secondary effects. Since Chico absorbed the largest number of displaced residents—19,000 people!—it's naturally dealing with some unexpected impacts, like infrastructure overload and a widespread lack of available housing. In this week's feature package, we aim to look at the biggest of those impacts as a way to propel dialogue about how to creatively deal with it all.

In other news: A bill going through the state Legislature could make it possible for Adventist Health Feather River Hospital to reopen its emergency room on the Ridge—without a hospital facility attached; the Chico City Council discusses a hodgepodge of items, from climate change to the public safety budget; and the Blue Room's latest play tackles the world's oldest profession.

If you haven't heard: The CN&R is gearing up to host Butte County Wine Week! It'll be June 7-16 and we're hoping to get the word out to all the wineries, restaurants, bars and retailers that specialize in wine (and its many different forms, from sake to champagne) to hold special events that week and share their details with us. Then we'll put 'em all together in a Wine Week calendar and special issue. Go to for more info—or email


Meredith J. Cooper, managing editor